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Working Holiday

Working Holiday maker program for young people is offered by most of the developed countries in a manner to develop the skills of young people and to promote tourism in their countries. This working holiday offer is for young people to stay in those countries for one to three years on depending the country's visa offer. This program offers them legal status for them to take work and earn and travel around that country as like a tourist to visit and live in any city or country side and work there, earn money and spend it. Some countries have restrictions on the kind of works which the visitor can do.

This Program is suitable for young people who are unmarried and willing to see and experience that country. What most important is the host country expect the young person to leave their country at the end of the working holiday period or before. As many third world country people use this as a mean for entering in a country and live there permanently, many countries stopped this working holiday maker program for third world countries. And most of the working holiday maker visa offering countries have guidelines and help young people to find ways to Jobs and accommodation through official and external websites. Also they offer country facts and weather conditions, language teaching and many more for the young people to have their stay pleasant.

If you want to go on working holiday maker visa;

Go to the related country web site and read all the available information.

Be prepared to have a return ticket to your home land.
Don't forget to carry your student card, youth membership card, university identification card and YMCA membership card.

These memberships may give you food and lodging at reduced rates.

Here are some countries which offer Working Holiday Visa

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