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Visas are a kind of permission for a person to visit and stay in a country under conditions for a short time or long period. These visas are printed on a page of the holder's passport or pasted as a sticker or rubber stamp on a page of the requested person's valid passport and also it can be kept ready in computers at the entry point till the passenger arrives. There is much kind of visas are available from many countries according to the need of the traveler.

Following categories of visas are issued by most of the countries.

  • Tourist visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Student visa
  • Skilled worker visa
  • Farm worker visa
  • Pilgrimage visa
  • Diplomat visa
  • Transit visa and many other visa categories.

Most of the countries issue them for a certain days, weeks, months or years only. It is normally valid for a period, maximum of 6 months only from the date of the entry. Some countries issue worker visas with validity of up to 2 years. This may vary according to country and the visa type. There are single entry and multiple entry visas too available. Single entry is restricted only for one time entry where multiple entries will allow you to visit there many time within the given period.

As more people are trying to enter in to developed countries for a better future, these developed countries are making their visa issuing process tougher. As thousands and thousands of people are trying to enter legally to these countries, the embassies and consulates can't handle that lot of applications. So many countries gave this visa application service to companies which are handling the applications and the related process. The visa issuing process will be handled by the consular office and not by the visa application center.

These companies assist those applicants with getting new application forms, handing it to them duly filled along with necessary photos, passport, documents and the visa fees. Then they will issue potential applicants with the interview date and time. They will do all the communication on behalf of the embassy, consulates with the applicants. Visa applicants, whether they are successful or not have to collect their passport from the service providing company in the given time.

If you are going to travel to another country for your vacation, to visit a relative, to study in a university or to work there, you must check whether that country is allowing your country people with out a visa, or issue it at arrival or you have to apply for it in the embassy or consulate of that country. If that country doesn't have an embassy or consulate in your office, you must find out in which nearest country they have the consular service that is looking after your country interest. There you have to apply for it.

It is important to note, that if your country have a country's embassy or consular, then you have to apply for the travel permission in that section in your country. Normally all the countries refuse to issue travel permission in a country where you are not a citizen. If the visa is going to expire while on your visit you must get out of the country before the expiration date. If not they may fine you on your departure date also they mark your information and if you apply for travel permission next time it may be refused.

Some countries allow you to renew your visa for to extend your stay in that country, but you must get that information fully before your departure. Many countries don't allow the visa category of yours in to another. For example you are in a country as a tourist and you want to study there, so you want to apply for a study permit, sorry many countries don't allow this. You have to travel back to your country and have to start again for it. In each category of the travel permission, you must fulfill the needs and must satisfy the immigration officer by proofing why you need travel permission and how you will support the travel plan and expenses. It is his decision in the interest of his country to refuse your visa application and there will be no refund of the visa application fee if the visa is refused.

If you are a traveler on a trip to another country, on the way you have to stay in another country to get connection in another plane or ship or vehicle, you may have to get the transit visa for that county before you start your travel plan. It can be better explained by your travel agent, who plan and arrange the tickets.
If you are applying for a visa, you must fill the application forms and submit it by yourself at the embassy, consulate or visa service centre.

Many of the developed countries require the visa applicants to fill the online visa application forms and then to get a print out of it and submit it to their visa service center where they will provide you the interview date. When collecting the passport also go and collect it yourself. Don't give to agents or brokers. They may give you forged visas for a fee that may land you in trouble with law enforcement officials.

Finally having a visa doesn't guarantee you to entry in to that country. It will be decided by the immigration officer at the port of entry of yours. Some time he may refuse your entry, if he decides in the interest of his country.

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